Fee Schedule

New Patients Established Patients
Time Limit Fee Time Limit Fee
(minutes) (minutes)
Level 1 20 $75.00 Level 1 15 $55.00
Level 2 25 $85.00 Level 2 20 $65.00
Level 3 30 $100.00 Level 3 25 $80.00
Level 4 35 $115.00 Level 4 30 $95.00
Level 5 40 $130.00 Level 5 35 $110.00


Appointments are based on the reason for the visit and are divided into levels. Each level is assigned a time limit in order to allow better scheduling of appointments. It is our desire to minimize the wait for each patient and to stay on schedule, so making sure that appointments are scheduled correctly based on the time or level is important. Our goal in establishing this pricing is to make it easy for the patient to know what to expect and to be able to budget according to his or her financial needs, allowing a patient to choose to address multiple issues in one visit or to schedule multiple visits, each addressing one thing.

Generally, each condition or diagnosis that needs to be treated or evaluated is considered one item or level, with a few exceptions (see below). Labs or procedures are not included in the cost of the visit.

The visit level corresponds to the number of items receiving evaluation or treatment. If a condition counts for more than 1 item or level, use the highest number item first, then add 1 for each additional item. For example, sore throat (1 item), vaginal bleeding (2 items), and renal failure (3 items) would be a Level 5 visit [renal failure (3) + vaginal bleeding (1) + sore throat (1)], unless it took more than the allotted time.

If a patient’s condition requires more time than the time allotted to a particular level, the level charged will be based on the time spent with the patient, instead of the condition. For example, an established patient comes for a Level 1 diabetes appointment (15 minutes), but requires a time of 25 minutes, the appropriate charge would be a level 3 visit.

The exceptions to the 1 item/level are as follows:

New patient level 2: Any mental disorder, Diabetes, HTN, Vaginal bleeding/conditions,
orthopedic conditions
New patient level 3: Fibromyalgia, congestive heart failure, renal failure, infertility, car accident, disability exam.
Established patient level 2: Any mental disorder, uncontrolled diabetes or high blood pressure,
vaginal bleeding/conditions, most orthopedic conditions, fibromyalgia follow-up, infertility follow-up,
car accident follow-up
Established patient level 3: Congestive heart failure, renal failure, infertility (first appointment),
car accident (first appointment), fibromyalgia (first appointment)
If a patient, based on time or the number of conditions exceeds a Level 5, the patient will be charged a level for each additional condition or additional 5 minutes spent, whichever is greater. For example, a new patient comes for a level 5 visit and also desires treatment for high blood pressure (level 2) and diabetes (level 2). Based on our formula using the highest level first and counting everything else as one level, the patient would be charged a Level 5 visit plus a Level 2 visit, a visit price of $215. If the same new patient ended up taking 1 hour of time, the visit price would be $245 (Level 5 for first 40 minutes, then Level 4 for additional 20 minutes).

Physical exams are not meant for treatment, they are meant for examination only. If evaluation or treatment of a medical condition or conditions is required or requested when a patient comes in for a physical, the patient will be charged for the physical and also for the appropriate treatment level.


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