Social Responsibility


As the founder of Seraphine Clinic, I, Robert Gneiting, strongly believe that people help people and that it is not the responsibility of governments to provide for the people. Governments are meant to govern, charity comes from the individual. Helping other people is what makes us human and is the very essence of humanity. When communities become dependent on governments to provide charitable care and service, those communities lose their humanity. Seraphine Clinic is meant to be a clinic of the people, based on these core principles.

It is designed to assist the community, to help people be independent of the government, and to provide a true and instant economic benefit at the time of service and beyond, while maintaining the clinic economically without dependence on taxpayer money, grants, or services. Often people or groups advocate for government funding, grants, and services as a steady source of money to allow the provision of “free” or “low-cost” care. What happens, when economic or funding problems develop such as we have experienced over the past several years, to the thousands who have become dependent on these government-funded services? What happens to struggling families that have to pay higher taxes so that the government can continue spending in order to offer “free” or “low cost” services? I intended that Seraphine Clinic will continue to be a safety net for those people and many others for years to come.

There are so many ways that you can become involved personally. One option that we would like to offer is a Seraphine Gift Card. Using a Seraphine Gift Card allows you to help individuals and families benefit from our quality services and lower costs, while not making them dependent on the government or taxpayer money. Be a part of the solution!


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